Identifying, Qualifying and Realising Opportunities
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Our Solutions

For over 25 years Better Business by Design has been helping our Clients:

  • Evaluate operations
  • Identify needs
  • Map needs to Business Vision
  • Decode these needs into specific tasks
  • Create a prioritise Roadmap of these tasks
  • Attempt to make the Roadmap self-funding

We’re still doing that, but made a change to the scope of what we do. Take the power of an organisation that for over 25 years has been helping our Clients:

  • maximise their success
  • increase sales and business performance
  • improve their web presence
  • optimise Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience
  • tune operations to increase success
  • minimise operational costs

Empower this consulting organisation to Digitally Transform their Clients and take communications with their customers to a whole new level. We are talking the new 2018 version of Better Business by Design. We’re still the same company however now we can actually make the difference.

In 2017, we were approached by a Virtual Assistant/Knowledge Base organisation and asked if we would be their distributor in New Zealand. Initially the reaction was a “we’re independent and don’t do product” but we were told “have a think about it – after all, CA firms sell and deploy product that’s appropriate to their Clients success.