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How can Telecommunications Help your Business succeed?

  • It's your job to run your business or organisation.
  • It's our job to maximise the opportunities differing technology can deliver for your business.

This probably sound like a good way to spend more money but we'll tell you a secret you're probably paying too much for your telecommunications today.

Equally importantly every strategic plan we've done for our clients has resulted in a net decrease in opex costs (yes that's every).

The first project we did when Better Business by Design started in 1995 was a Strategic Telecommunications Plan for a Corporate. In the past 14 years we've helped over 40 organisations:

  • Strategically review their telecommunications – it's absolutely mandatory that we qualify needs in your business.
  • Design needs based pathways for moving forward that will eliminate unnecessary costs and empower your staff.
  • Probably most importantly where are going to make it easier for your customers to interact with you.
  • Oh, we're also going to save you money.

Save money – read enough – Contact us and we can talk about making this happen in your business.

Looking at your business objectively and holistically, we look at opportunities to improve:

  • Voice communications
  • Data communications; LAN and WAN
  • Mobile Voice and data communications
  • Wireless communications
  • Internet and Intranet communications
  • Video communications
  • Contact and Call Centres and Help Desks

What you get from a Telecommunications Strategy

  1. A list of strategies that embody your business needs specifically aligned to Telecommunications:
  2. A prioritised list of tactics – prioritised based on cost, effort and return on investment
  3. Mini-Business cases for each tactical initiative highlighting current state, future state and the benefits of moving forward (includes financials).
  4. An assessment of Insourcing versus outsourcing for all opportunities
  5. A roadmap that indicates typical timing.

It's a simple process -we leverage our expertise and gained insight into to your business to maximise everything but minimise costs. Contact us and we can talk about what this will mean for your business.

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