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Most Businesses are Paying TOO Much for Telecommunications

If you haven't reviewed you telecommunications costs in the last 12 months you're probably paying too much.

Typically we have achieved savings exceeding over 30% for our Clients.

In this last 3 years the number of telecommunications suppliers has tripled. Each has their own place and the market and generally there are 3 or 4 that are most suitable for each business. We can help you identify the best telecommunications suppliers to approach (based on your organisation profile) and minimise the work necessary to get the right outcome.

There are Tricks you can use to Reduce Telecommunications costs

  1. Know what your real needs are – this is the most  important step and you need a good understanding of what the opportunities are before you start this process (you could use a Consultant)
  2. Be aware of your current solutions but don't make these the basis for moving forward
  3. Qualify and quantify your real needs – if you don't start from a position of real knowledge about your needs this will decrease your savings and the potential benefits.
  4. Select a number of suppliers and ask for a quotation or proposal
  5. Evaluate the proposals by assessing organisation capability, the proposals understanding of your needs and their ability to service your needs.
  6. Take time to understand the cost frame proposed. We've send the potentially most expensive actual turn out to be the lowest cost.
  7. Negotiate – we're not talking beat the supplier up as this is likely to have an impact on the quality of the service you get in the future. Have a clear understanding of what you want and talk about how the contract could be better – you are the customer don't allow their contract to dictate terms that are one-sided. One final point eliminate assumptions – to assume is to make an ass out of u and me
  8. Manage the implementation – if you've done everything above well you'll avoid costly variations.

Need a Short-cut to get the Best Result?

Contact us – we complete many such assignments every year that lead to improvement:

  • Functionality
  • Alignment of solution/s to your needs
  • Optimised costs

We can develop a Request for Proposal document for you and take it out to either the marketplace or selected suppliers. We'll typically achieve 30% savings.

Our methodology is pretty much stated above – we bring experience and expertise to the table that will positively influence the final outcome – Contact us/

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