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Has your Business Kept Up with Change?

Our Clients getting More for Less (saving $thousands).

It's getting really competitive out there. The opportunity exists for almost every organisation to significantly reduce their telecommunications bill. The great news is with the multitude of new technologies, armed with the right strategy you can move your business forward at the same time as saving significant money.

Contact us if a 30+% reduction in costs sounds like something your business could live with.

Don't simply assume that by approaching your current suppliers that this level of saving can be achieved. The way to maximise the benefits to your business are to take a strategic look at telecommunications as a business asset.

Today more than ever you need a strategy to understand the opportunities that exist in:

  • Voice communications
  • Mobile Voice communications
  • Mobile data communications
  • Wireless communications
  • Data communications; WAN and LAN
  • Web and ISP

Organisations are buying more than they need

Suppliers are great at supplying great products and services. Few take the time to ready understand your business. This is where Better Business by Design can help:

  • Qualify how telecommunications supports your business
  • Identify opportunities for improved communications
  • Identify and design a solution for what you really need.
  • Take your requirements out to the marketplace using an RFP/RFQ
  • Select a supplier and negotiate a contract that maximises savings and maximum functionality
  • Help you with any transition

90% of Businesses are Paying TOO Much for Telecommunications

If  money and improving business is not important don't Contact Us.

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