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V-Person Web

V-Person Web Customer interaction

V-Person Web will increase conversions and improve the customer experience with virtual assistants that answer customer questions 24 hours per day/7 days per week. Virtual assistants meet customers online and provide an immediate level of support that increases sales, improves customer retention, and drives loyalty with your brand.

Why V-Person Web Works

  • Sales & Marketing Support: A V-Person™ can assist customers through the sales process while they are still on your website, increasing conversion and customer satisfaction rates. The virtual assistant can also identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and offer discounts and promotions while interacting with the customer.
  • Precise Navigation: Searching on a website for answers can become overwhelming for a customer, and filtering through it all for the correct answer can be time consuming. A V-Person can prevent information overload by generating, managing and engaging customers in entire conversations to fully understand the query, return the right answer and present the right web page.
  • Customer Insights: Understand what the customers coming to your site are looking for. Transcripts of customer conversations with your V-Person can be easily managed and analysed – giving you multiple, tacit views of your users, what they are saying, thinking and feeling – at the most granular level.
  • Natural Language: Customers get the sensation of communicating with a “real” person who can hold entire conversations with an accuracy of over 90%. Using powerful Natural Language Processing, our V-Person technology is able to understand the intent of the question, ask further questions if required, and then return the right answer to the customer.
  • Personalised Customer Support: Logged-in customers can receive personalised information in answer to their questions such as “What is my account balance?” or “What are my outstanding orders?”
  • Centralised Knowledge Management: Deployed from an integrated multi-channel knowledge management platform, V-Portal™, designed to help you streamline and tailor your customer communications to lower the cost per contact.