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V-Person Contact Centre

V-Person Contact Centre Knowledge Empowerment

V-Person Contact Centre employs the most advanced natural language and knowledge management technologies to provide real-time virtual assistance to contact centre agents. V-Person Contact Centre taps into the backend systems across your organisation to give agents ready access to contextually accurate and timely information specific to the customer and your business using natural language.

Why V-Person Contact Centre Works

  • Agent Friendly: V-Person Contact Centre leverages the vocabulary of your contact centre, product portfolio and corporate culture to provide agents with information quickly.
  • Natural Language: Agents engage with virtual supervisors by asking questions and receiving answers in natural language eliminating the need to perform tedious keyword searches to find the right answer.
  • Product and Business Driven: Agents gain quicker access to product and business specific information from a nimble interface that adapts to the channel or task at hand.
  • Performance Based: When used as a virtual supervisor, businesses can better support their contact centre teams by streamlining the way information is created and delivered to agents.
  • Data Focused Integration: V-Person Contact Centre adapts to the real-time information from within your contact centre, constantly refreshing and validating content through actionable reporting and feedback based on user input.
  • Centralised Knowledge Management: Deployed from an integrated multi-channel knowledge management platform, V-Portal™, designed to help you streamline and tailor your customer and agent communications to lower the cost per contact.

By eliminating repeat, dissatisfied calls and freeing your contact centre supervisors to perform the duties most important to moving your contact centre forward, you will raise the bar for all your contact centre metrics while providing measurable cost efficiency.

Download the V-Person Contact Centre Overview to learn more.