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An innovative hybrid approach for continuous improvement and reliability

When it comes to developing and implementing chatbots and virtual agents in the customer and employee experience space, there are some common goals: high accuracy in recognition, low levels of maintenance, and freedom from the fear that irrelevant, unsanctioned or inaccurate content will be delivered. Creative Virtual has developed a hybrid approach that brings together humans and artificial intelligence (AI), allowing the chatbot or virtual agent to continually improve based on the way it is being used while also enabling organisations to maintain control over the reliability of responses.

The power of our orchestration platform

V-Person™ virtual agents, chatbots and live chat are underpinned by V-Portal™, our powerful orchestration platform. V-Portal provides one place to bring together content sources, manage the intents and blend together human curation of content with AI, natural language processing (NLP) and machine comprehension. By combining human input with feedback loops, semantic matching, statistical self-learning, neural networks and user surveys, our solutions can continually improve while also giving you control over the reliability of responses.
The machine learning component is integrated with workflow functionality in V-Portal, giving organisations the ability to decide which ‘learnings’ the system automatically applies to future interactions without human intervention and which content areas require human approval or input.
There are a variety of configuration options possible. For example, when the NLP engine returns no match for a user’s input, the machine learning component presents suggested responses. The system
‘learns’ potential alternates based on user selection, collecting and identifying possible candidates in the workflow. The content owner reviews the AI suggestions and approves candidates for inclusion in the training data. Through this process the accuracy is continuously improved in a controlled and reliable manner.

An approach based on industry experience and expertise

We have developed this approach based on our extensive experience and our partnerships with large organisations around the world. We understand how enterprises want to use virtual agents and chatbots to deliver effective self-service today and how the customer and employee support landscape is evolving for them in the future. Our innovative hybrid approach creates efficiency and predictability for companies and their customers and employees.

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