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V-Person Mobile Intercation

V-Person Mobile employs the most advanced natural language and knowledge management technologies to help deliver personalised, self-service mobile experiences to your customers on a variety of devices using Apps, HTML5 and SMS. Businesses can now extend the conversation to smartphones, tablet computers or games consoles with our virtual assistants who can answer questions or send event alerts, reminders and notifications 24 hours per day/7 days per week.

Why V-Person Mobile Works

  • Centralised Knowledge Management: Our server-based architecture, V-Portal™, reduces the cost of creation, deployment and maintenance of knowledge rich mobile and multi-channel applications.
  • Natural Language: Customers get the sensation of communicating with a “real” person who can hold entire conversations. Using powerful Natural Language Processing, our V-Person™ technology is able to understand the intent of the question, asks further questions if required, and then returns the right answer to the customer.
  • Customer Specific: Logged-in customers can receive personalised information in answer to their questions such as “What is my account balance?” or “What are my outstanding orders?”
  • Speech Integration: Your virtual assistant can have intelligent conversations with your customers simply by listening and talking with them. V-Person Mobile uses native or other speech technology solutions.
  • Mobile Compatibility: V-Person Mobile can be integrated into your existing Apps and can access mobile services, such as geo-location, enabling rich, targeted communications based on location and event. Now, businesses can answer questions such as “Where is the nearest branch?”
  • SMS Friendly: Virtual assistants can communicate via text messaging. Customers can interact conversationally using natural language and text-speak using SMS from their mobile devices.
  • Minimal Development: Deploy our virtual assistants through a browser interface that runs across all mobile platforms using HTML5 or use our standard App that is integrated with speech technology systems, to recognise speech and provide a voice response. There is no need for lengthy development cycles or continuous updates to Apps. Our standard App is simple to brand with your logos and colours.
  • Mobile Customer Insights: Robust, real-time reporting provides insights into customer behaviour, trends and interaction, enabling you to actively use customer feedback to power your decisions.
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