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Automating repetitive tasks to allow Financial Team members to focus on adding value

Accounts Payable

Processing inbound e-invoices from Suppliers and auto-entering them into Accounts Payable

Supplier Statement Processing

Reading and processing Supplier statements, auto-requesting copies of invoices yet to be received

Accounts Receivable

Processing/validating Buyer Created Invoices against multiple internal and external datasets

Financial Reporting

Daily download and process data from one Finance system and re-format then load into another Financial platform

Invoice Auditing

Evaluate Supplier monthly invoice; checking for consistency, consumption, monthly comparisons, benchmark rates and generating monthly report

Project Financials

Ensuring financials are managed against project tasks and deliverables leading to the new run state.

Staff Accessing Finance data

Providing User input/reporting screens to assist Organisations Business Unit finance management; Invoices, Purchase Orders, Expenditure

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