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Automating both repetitive ICT processes and simplifying ICT project delivery

SharePoint Transition

Leveraging RPA to manage the transition, edit the required file links and overlay access management (security)

Payroll to Active Dirctory Synch

Ensuring Active Directory licensing is managed by synchronising to Payroll, covering FTE and Part-timers

AWS and Azure Optimisation

Understand performance and utilisation for all your Azure Cloud workloads and optimise

Managing UAT and Dev servers

Minimise operational costs by allowing staff to start servers and run for a selectable time – save $1,000’s

Remove SharePoint Duplicate

SharePoint users often create file duplicates; use RPA to recover the storage and create a link to the “master” files

Audit Technology invoices

Often 100,000’s of entries long – we’ve created toolsets to baseline, manage and report on services and consumption

Cloud FinOps

Enables organisations to get maximum business value from cloud by helping technology, finance, and business teams to collaborate on data-driven spending decisions

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