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Knowledge Management – Corporates lose $Millions When Staff Leave

We’re helping our Clients drive Knowledge Management improvements to protect their investment in staff, customers and business processes. For businesses, it the harnessing and distribution of knowledge that makes them successful.


scientia potentia est – knowledge is power

Frances Bacon – Late 1500’s

Every business, every day uses their Corporate knowledge to perform the tasks (either necessary or for customers) to deliver outcomes in line with the objectives.

What would your business look like if:

  1. Every staff member (from the day they started work) had access to the knowledge they needed to effectively perform their job
  2. Every Customer was able to get the understanding they needed to complete transactions with your organisation
  3. Every stakeholder was able to securely get the information they needed to understand progress/status/successful outcomes

Knowledge Management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge.

Tom Davenport, 1994


Today we’re happy to announce that the ability to deliver real knowledge 24×7 effectively is a reality. Start adding real money to your bottom line (and/or accelerate your success) start looking at what true Knowledge Management systems can deliver. It’s impressive, it’s compelling and best of all it growing with your business. It’s communications on steroids.

Making Knowledge Management work for every organisation requires a commitment to clearly define:

  • what needs to be captured
  • how it can be captured
  • knowledge ownership
  • who can edit the content
  • what should be provided to different parties
  • what is the objective of providing the knowledge
  • etc.,

Yes it’s an organisation wide play, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. There are some simple strategies, that can simplify the introduction of Knowledge Management which support immediate benefits and provide the platform for expansion across the business.

Let us help you on your Knowledge Management journey. We know the outcomes you can achieve when done properly. Reach out let’s have a chat, it will be the first step to making your organisation more successful.

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