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Digital Strategies Provide a 4 Month ROI

Digital Strategies are game changers. Lifting the covers on “your today”, we define a roadmap that drives future success in a world dominated by real-time expectations. Don’t throw away what you do today, enhance it drive more success.

It’s almost scary what can be achieved. Our Clients have:

  • reduced costs by 30% in 4 months
  • increased sales by 17% in 3 months
  • reduced transaction effort by 13%
  • increased NPS by 15% in 6 months
  • reduced staff absenteeism by 25% in 3 months

Digital Strategies produce results. It’s not some fanciful dreaming any longer, technology and what can be achieved is now staggering. There is no one simple magic cure-all, the Digital Strategy must be developed with a complete understanding of your:

  • current operations
  • current costs
  • business processes
  • customer processes
  • customer management strategies
  • current NPS (or similar measures)
  • staff skills matrix
  • measurement
  • current technology
  • current profitability

With the right level of understanding, we start brainstorming – looking for ways to augment what you’re doing today looking at:

  • communication channels (both existing and future)
  • knowledge management
  • customer modeling
  • generational modelling (Baby B, Gen-X and Gen-Y)
  • staff empowerment
  • automation opportunities
  • outcomes measurement

This evaluation and analysis leads to typically 40-70 Opportunities (or Tactics) that become the focus. Each Opportunity is challenged to ensure that it is appropriate and achievable (operationally and financially). Prioritisation is then used to make the list of opportunities a roadmap using cost, effort and ROI as the evaluation factors. Simple results that ultimately support your customers and staff allowing them to complete transactions more quickly leveraging:

  • omnichannel interaction (email, sms, social media, mobile, voice etc.)
  • www integration
  • customer expectation management
  • robotic automation
  • artificial intelligence
  • enhanced/simplified processes
  • new measures

For some businesses what we do sounds a little scary. You shouldn’t think that way, because we’ve done this for many Clients we understand what is possible and what is a stretch. We also have the knowledge to get past the marketing hype where every IT supplier/manufacturer is offering the “golden challis” of instant success.

At the start of this page we stated that the ROI for a Digital Strategy is typically 4 months.  We’ve completed a number of Digital Strategies/Roadmaps and because we focused on a journey outcome (roadmap) there are always quick-wins (immediate low/no cost opportunities), small projects and large projects. The quick-wins are discussed the moment they are identified and deliver the ROI in real-time. This always leads to an ROI of between 3 and 6 months on the Digital Strategy development investment.

A Digital Strategy will focus your effort on driving towards new successes on the back of an integrated view of your business and your customers. Get in touch and lets talk, if  we can’t help you we will tell you (interestingly this has never happened).

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