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Inbound Communications RPA Processing with AI (with Video Demo)

Using Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) we are now processing in real-time:

  • responses to Inbound emails
  • responses to Text Messaging (SMS)
  • responses to Social Media
  • responses to Customer Portals

We have developed an approach that uses a five step processing approach for all inbound communication. In the video below we use “inbound email” but the approach works for any inbound communications :

  1. Recognise when an inbound email arrives:
  2. Process the email content and pass to the Knowledge Base
  3. The Knowledge base identifies the most likely responses based on “intent interpretation” (using Natural Language Processing). Some recognised “intents” will trigger a process to capture answers from real-time data sources. The “answers” are returned to the Robot ready for Human moderation.
  4. When staff make themselves available to process inbound communication, they are presented with the original and they systematically select the potential answers for each question and edit as appropriate. When finished they push the compiled response to the publishing robot having confirmed the delivery path.
  5. The Publishing Robot formats the response and completes the process often closing the “case” opened by the initial email. This robot also evaluates the chosen responses and where necessary updates the knowledge base to ensure consistency and a continually improved outcome.
RPA processing Inbound Digital Communications
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