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Taking Operational Assessment to NEW Levels

You've probably already read about our methodology. It's unique and used globally to really qualify what's happening in a Contact Centre, Call Centre and/or HelpDesk.

The GRES methodology is structured to minimise the time and investment required to develop a comprehensive Contact Centre Opportunity Roadmap. Using a combination of:

  1. Operationally focused questionnaires
  2. Interviews that capture additional knowledge
  3. Current operations analysis (statistics and cost)
  4. Industry specific benchmarking
  5. Workshops to qualify and quantify opportunities
  6. A formal report with mini-business cases for each opportunity.

It's about identifying Strengths and Opportunities. There is no such thing as a weakness they're just opportunities in waiting

The model looks at operations in a unique way. Within the bounds of the goals and objectives, it studies “operational events” (inbound calls, outbound calls, emails etc.) and evaluates them by considering the enablers used between the relationships and staff. For every event, we consider the combination of:






  • The processes that support the event.
  • The planning required to manage the event.
  • The technology that assists staff to complete the event.
  • The marketing and sales elements associated with the event.
  • The event customer service expectations.
  • The knowledge required to service the event.

This event focus allows every aspect of the Contact Centre operations to be fully evaluated and analysed leading to a determination of best practice (in your environment) and hence identifies opportunities for improvement. To move forward from today, every Contact Centre needs to capture opportunities and qualify how they will benefit in the short and longer term by converting these realities.

Did we mention our approach is unique? Contact us to discuss your needs?

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