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By Identifying Opportunities and Increasing Success

Some of our team started consulting in Contact Centres in 1993 and it was a total minefield. Every Client had different needs/processes, a different call centre solution and the functionality available varied markedly.. So in 1997 we threw our hands up in disgust and recognised we had to create a Contact Centre Health Check methodology to capture the knowledge we need to really help orchestrate positive change.

We believe that every Contact Centre had only two things capturing in our reviews:

  1. Strengths; things that are being done effectively
  2. Opportunities; improvements that could be introduced in a controlled manner for increased success

There are no weaknesses in Contact Centres just opportunities waiting to be grasped and converted in improve results.

Our Methodology

Contact Centres are measured by their effectiveness at:

  • Achieving goals and objectives.
  • Managing relationships.
  • Enablers
  • Staffing for success.

Our GRESP Contact Centre Methodology has evolved over the years to cover the increasing number of ways technology can support Contact Centres. Today it assesses over 800 different evaluation points to identify opportunities. There are no weaknesses in Contact Centres just opportunities waiting to be grasped and converted in improve results.

The methodology (used in over 200 Contact Centres world-wide) focuses on investigating operations (using the model):

  • From goals and objectives through to staff.
  • From staff through to goals and objectives.

The Contact Centre Roadmap uses the following steps:

  1. Capturing today.
  2. Current goals and objectives.
  3. Current approaches; Relationships, Enablers and Staff.
  4. Defining opportunities.
  5. Understanding current operational pressures.
  6. Benchmarking operations against world-wide practice and aligning to existing operations.
  7. Identifying, evaluating and prioritising all opportunities.
  8. Delivering a Contact Centre Opportunity Roadmap for the next 2 to 5 years.

The methodology is structured to minimise the time and investment required to develop a comprehensive Contact Centre Opportunity Roadmap. In real terms our methodology is a combination of:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Maslow's Theory
  • RAP analysis
  • Quick-Wins
  • Short-term Projects
  • Longer term Opportunities

This powerful combination of proven theory leads to real results that are prioritised, qualified and quantified. Every assignment we have completed has lead to significant change. Sometimes small (what we call tuning events) and other times large investment with a quantified return.

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