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Creative Virtual – Motability Operations

Motability Operations won the Innovation Award for Sustainable Culture as part of the 2015 Customer Contact Innovation Awards! The judges selected Motability Operations because their "approach to knowledge management builds trust and supports effective conversations, getting it 'right first time',…

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UiPath – Creative Virtual Integration

The video below is a demonstration of leveraging: Creative Virtual Conversation AI platform to respond to and manage the Customer interactionUiPath RPA to orchestrate the entry of data into the insurance quotation applicationGoogle Assistant to convert the voice communications to…

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Up-sell Cross-sell

Up-selling Cross-selling success

Case Study - Up-selling/Cross-selling on Steroids In 6 months we helped our Client increase sales by 11% - after 12 months it was 17% using Digital Transformation to deliver up-selling/cross-selling insights to Sales staff. The focus was understanding what Customers…

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2018 Website

Welcome to our new website. Time to freshen our look and provide greater insight into what we do and have been doing in recent times. Take some time to browse and let us know your thoughts.

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To BYOD or Not

BYOD – Opportunity or Minefield

"Bring your own device" (BYOD) and "Bring your own computer" (BYOC) are hot topics for every CXO. Depending on who you listen to BYOD and BYOC are either minefileds or opportunities. Our experience shows that BYOD/BYOC are opportunities but you must…

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2 Degrees Contact Centre

Outstanding growth and the objective of providing outstanding service lead to a need to refresh  their Contact Centre technology platform. Our brief was to capture business/operational needs and use an RFP to select a new technology platform/partner. Specific Goals: Innovation…

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