Identifying, Qualifying and Realising Opportunities
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About Us

Who are Better Business by Design?

“Taking a strategic view of business needs to design and implement better outcomes.”

Our organisation is a team of highly experienced individuals that help business and organisations:

  • Improve operations leveraging systems thinking, operational reviews and insight
  • Reduce costs using strategic procurement
  • Increase their success by focusing on finding more effective ways to achieve results

Our clients are mid to large Corporates and Government departments and they use Better Business by Design to both identify and realise opportunities.

Improvement means MORE ..

  • satisfied customers
  • engaged and happy staff
  • time to focus on your core objectives

Bottom line is operational and cost improvement is possible in every organisation. The challenge is to recognise the opportunities and prioritise them. Prioritisation is key, a strategic opportunity review that looks cost, effort and expected return will determine what to do and maximise short-term gains.

What is the profile of our Clients?

Oragnisations that:

  • have a desire for improvement
  • are prepared to take an objective view of the future
  • understand the future is about capturing opportunities
  • accept that it will require investment; both time and cost
  • know with the right focus, they will increase their success

Be bold  contact us, who knows our discussions may be the start of something great for your organisation.

Artificial Intellegence, Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

We were approach by a leading provider of these solutions. Long story short; we agreed to become the New Zealand Distributor for the best platform in the world. Leveraging our team of experts were are now certified partners for this solution; check it out here


Born in 1995, Better Business by Design had a vision:

“To help businesses to maximise their success.”

This vision hasn’t changed, the only difference is we are living it with our Clients. Effort, expertise, pragmatism and objectivity has led to some stunning results.