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Up-sell Cross-sell

Up-selling Cross-selling success

Case Study – Up-selling/Cross-selling on Steroids

In 6 months we helped our Client increase sales by 11% – after 12 months it was 17% using Digital Transformation to deliver up-selling/cross-selling insights to Sales staff. The focus was understanding what Customers wanted and making sure the booking/sales teams had this information.

Our Client sells services to home owners and the business was successful but Management believed they were not “delivering” to it’s full potential . The objectives were simple “make us more successful” – the quicker the better.

They asked us to work them to define a strategy that would increase their success. We agreed to:

  • lift the hood and understand today
  • understand their customers
  • understand financials
  • identify Opportunities
  • define Opportunity ROI
  • create a self funding Opportunity roadmap

Investigations and analysis quickly identified:

  1. Quick-wins – low/no cost initiatives that could be implemented immediately
  2. Opportunities – small to medium cost projects that would raise their performance
  3. Transformational Opportunities that dramatically changed the playing field

The quick-wins happened in real-time. The Senior Leadership Team liked the opportunities but (with our prompting) grabbed hold of one of the Tranformational Opportunities.

Let’s understand what a Potential Customer was looking at on the website and arm the Sales CSO with this information when the Potential Customer calls. The sales conversation started with the primary need and the Sales CSO then started up-selling and cross-selling.

Historically, Up-selling and Cross-selling added of 7% to total sales – that was deemed okay. Some staff were very good at it, others not so good. Digital Transformation – paved the way for an across the board lift in success:

  • Up-selling and Cross-selling added of 18% to total sales after 6 months
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling added of 24% to total sales after 12 months

A 7-digit sales increase in 6 months- it’s got to be good for business. Contact Us to discuss how we can help you.

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