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To BYOD or Not

BYOD – Opportunity or Minefield

“Bring your own device” (BYOD) and “Bring your own computer” (BYOC) are hot topics for every CXO. Depending on who you listen to BYOD and BYOC are either minefileds or opportunities.

Our experience shows that BYOD/BYOC are opportunities but you must take the time to get it right for your organisation. Every organisation is different – meaning that each business must take a strategic look at the opportunity.

BYOD planning

Our clients proceed with their eyes wide open:

  • Business focused definition of the opportunity with detailed SWOT
  • Policies that are not only written but also tested
  • Security issues and solutions qualified
  • Boundaries
  • Costs to implement clearly defined
  • Financial modeling of the intended path
  • Management, measurement and Reporting

Take the time to get it right – contact us and we’ll discuss how we can help. Sounds like a lot of hard work but there are benefits:

BYOD Benefits

It takes careful planning to ensure that taking the step delivers all the benefits that BYOD should. BYOD benefits for your Organisation and staff:

  • Cost control/management
  • Morale
  • Productivity improvement
  • Freedom
  • Flexibility

Its suggested that over 50% of organisations in the US have implemented BYOD – this might be a little generous. BYOD is being done by large corporates; Ford, Kraft Foods, Chrysler to name a few.

BYOD and Cloud Computing

BYOD is essentially an extension of cloud computing. Done well, you’ll realise the same or greater benefits You staff will have seemless access to complete their duties where and when they desire using the device they prefer.

We’ve had a BYOD approach for years – it works, it saves us money and everyone loves it. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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